Wedding Cake

A sweet friend of mine is getting married, and she is trying to figure out her color scheme.  She knows she wants the classic red flowers, but she is open to other accent colors.  One of my favorite color combos is Tiffany blue and red.  It is a modern take on the gorgeous red flowers that everyone enjoys.  I<3 Tiffany blue!  It makes me think of those fabulous little boxes and the stunning things that are inside those boxes (my hubby spoils me).  🙂

Here is the inspiration board that I came up with:

Red roses and blue bird flowers, blue dresses and red balloons, red carnations, 3 piece centerpiece, red and blue table-scape, red peep toe, invitation, ballroom set-up, cake, candy station, red soda, blue candy, red dress


Sorry for the longest post title ever!  Good gravy.

So, I know that you are still waiting for pics from the wedding I did 1.5 weeks ago.  You are going to have to cool your jets for another 1.5 weeks, because my work life is insane right now.  Sorry!

In the mean time, I thought I would share a short story from Nick and Beth’s wedding that further proves the need for a wedding coordinator.  A good planner can help you save money, stay organized, and actually enjoy your big day.  That is what I am all about.  A good planner can also take care of any hiccups in the day (there is always something) in such a way that the Bride, Groom, and their families never even know that something has gone wrong.

Ok…so, the wedding cake was set and confirmed to arrive at the reception site sometime during the time that I was at the church, between 5:30 and 6:20.  The cake lady did not want the cake to sit too long before the reception because of its butter cream icing.  I arrived back at the reception site at 6:45 and there was no cake!  EEKKK!  I got out my trusty list of vendors and called the cake lady right away.  The convo went something like this (I will call her “cake lady” for anonymity)…

Whitney: Hi “cake lady”, this is Whitney Turner, Beth and Nick’s wedding planner.  I am at the reception site and I was wondering where the cake is.

LONG PAUSE in which I had a mini panic attack.

Cake Lady: That’s for tonight?!?!

Whitney: Yes, it is for tonight!!  Is it done?

Cake Lady: Oh my goodness!  I will have it there in 45 minutes.

heavy breathing (on both ends)…CLICK.

Seriously, that might have topped the cake on craziest moments in wedding planning history (although the drunk mother of the groom was a close and difficult second).

The cake lady arrived and set up as I was lining up the bridal party for introductions, so the bride and groom did not know that the cake was not on time.  Sadly, the moment that they walked in, they realized that the cake did not look as the cake lady had promised (probably because it was all done last minute), and they were a little perturbed.

Thankfully, that was the only big thing that went wrong on their wedding day.  Everything else flowed seamlessly!  I told them the story the day after the wedding at the post-wedding cookout.  Although they were really upset about the way the cake looked, they were glad that it tasted good and that they had a cake to cut into. In all honestly no one (other than Nick and Beth) noticed the cake’s imperfections because of its location in the reception room.

The moral of this story: hire a wedding planner even if it is just for day of coordination!

If the bride and groom had not hired a planner, no one would have realized that the cake was missing until it was too late to do anything about.  It also would have been far more distressing for them to deal with at 8 pm than it was for me to deal with at 6:45 pm.

Last week I posted a fairly new color scheme inspiration board that is becoming fairly popular in homes and weddings alike: gray and yellow.  It truly has a modern feel and flair without being too edge-y, if you know what I mean.

Today, I’d like to take a look at another color palette also featuring the color gray to show what a difference one color can make.  Substituting the bright yellow for a pink hue changes the look from modern to romantic and from playful to soft.  What do you think?

Here are the links to where I found the images:

3 pics with peonies and candles; bridal party with umbrellas, long table with gray runner, and groom in vest; shoes (upper right corner); white cake; gray cake; drink with striped straw; gray suits with pink ties, flower girl & ring bearer, wedding dress with gray ribbon, gray table with pink sash, pink hydrangea invite, monogram

Lace is synonymous with bridal gowns (and grandmas).  It can make up the entirety of a dress or be a slight accent at the neckline.  I think that most people associate lace only with wedding dresses or veils, but there are definitely other ways to use lace on your wedding day that will not make you think of your grandma. Here are a few of them…

From Paul Morse Photographs via Style Me Pretty.

From Sedona Bride via Style Me Pretty.

From the Knot.

From The Knot.

From The Knot.

From The Knot.

From Perfect Details.


See…lace isn’t just for grandma anymore!

Although people know what things are important to a wedding, no one has any idea how much each aspect costs until they have the estimate in hand.

My husband always tells me that I should look at the price tag of an item before I pick it up, but I really struggle with that thought.  I know quality when I see it, and I have a hard time letting go of it.  For this reason, I have determined means of getting quality things for lower prices, especially when it comes to weddings.  Isn’t that what everyone wants!  For that reason, I decided to run a little mini-series on how to save money on some important wedding day items without sacrificing quality.

Let’s start with one of my favorites!  CAKE!  Who doesn’t love a beautiful wedding cake.  Other than the bride, it is the show stopper of the reception, which means it should be spectacular not sub-par.

How?  Flip through the bridal magazines, the knot, and your fabulous imagination and come up with a cake in which you are in love.  Go to your local bakery or the pastry chef at your reception venue.  Show him or her pictures or a sketch of your ideas and have them come back to you with a price for the cake of your dreams for the full number of guests at your wedding.  I love cakes with color!  Here is a great example:

Now you have numbers to work with.  If your cake was supposed to be 4 tiers (for 150 people) and $6 per slice, ask about doing 2 tiers of the same design (for 50 people) and sheet cakes of the same flavor for the remaining guests.  If your wedding planner has it timed appropriately, no one will ever know that you were hiding sheet cakes in the kitchen.  If 50 guests costs $6 per slice but the remaining guests only cost $2.50 per slice, you have gone from a $900 cake to a $550 without sacrificing design, quality or taste.

If that is still a little too expensive for your taste, consider going with the 2 tier version in a plain cake flavor (ie vanilla or chocolate) and buying sheet cakes for your remaining guests at Costco or Sam’s club.  I know what you are thinking…COSTCO, my wedding cake?  Hear me out.  #1 Costco cakes taste amazing (just like their cookies).  #2 The cake that everyone sees is the expensive one, so no one will ever know that you had Costco cakes hiding in the Kitchen. #3 If you have a good Wedding Planner and DJ, who can orchestrate your reception flow, no one will ever realize where their piece of cake is coming from (for more info on this, email me to set up an appointment).  You can probably cut off another $100-200 going with your local wholesale club for your sheet cakes.

If all of these options are still to expensive to get the cake of your dreams, consider having a fake cake made out of styrofoam and draped in fondant with all of the intricacies of the cake of your dreams.  The companies that do this, make beautiful cakes and each of them has a “trap door” in the back so that you can put a piece of real cake under the fondant for the cake cutting.  It is tricky, but really effective.  Then you can buy sheet cakes for your guests at a wholesale club and save a tremendous amount of money.  The Teal and White cake on the right is an example.

If all of these options are still outside of your budget, send me an email and I will list a few more options for you!