I can not begin to tell you how thankful I am that it is Friday.  I am so stinking tired.  Ready for a pseudo-restful weekend of listening to my hubs speak at a conference and preach at church on Sunday.

Can we talk about how lovely these colors are together and how much I love these monograms and pomanders?  What perfect spring or summer decor!  To add to the gorgeous yellow, orange and lime flowers, a bride could also bring in tons of lemons, oranges and limes as stunning (and cost effective) decor!  LOVE it!

All pics from Mulberry Photography via Style Me Pretty.


Last week I posted a fairly new color scheme inspiration board that is becoming fairly popular in homes and weddings alike: gray and yellow.  It truly has a modern feel and flair without being too edge-y, if you know what I mean.

Today, I’d like to take a look at another color palette also featuring the color gray to show what a difference one color can make.  Substituting the bright yellow for a pink hue changes the look from modern to romantic and from playful to soft.  What do you think?

Here are the links to where I found the images:

3 pics with peonies and candles; bridal party with umbrellas, long table with gray runner, and groom in vest; shoes (upper right corner); white cake; gray cake; drink with striped straw; gray suits with pink ties, flower girl & ring bearer, wedding dress with gray ribbon, gray table with pink sash, pink hydrangea invite, monogram

What do monograms and flowers have to do with each other?  Well, when you think like Whitney Turner, they mesh together perfectly.  You can definitely incorporate your monogram into your floral decor.  Go big or go home, right?

The way that people most commonly use floral monograms is in wreaths used on the doors to the church or reception site or hanging behind the Bride and Groom at the reception.  I buck tradition and say use it wherever you want to!

Here are a few examples:

From the phenomenal wedding of fellow blogger Life in the Super Burbs via Style me Pretty.

Image by Leila Brewster Photography.

Image from

Image from The Knot.

If you really want to play with your monogram and flowers, try some of these options:

Image from

Yep…that’s me and my hubby!  We had an outdoor cocktail hour and our monogram was on a small hill where everyone could see it.  It was the first time our florist ever had anyone request a floral monogram on the ground.

If our florist had more experience with the monogram on the ground, I would have gone this route.  Gorgeous! Note to brides: please don’t lay in the grass in your gown.  This stresses me out.

Image by Busath Studio via Alta Moda Bridal Boutique.

Have fun and happy Friday!

Do you know what all of these monograms have in common?

Well…they are all decals from Etsy sellers!  There is so much that you can do with a decal like these, but today I would like to focus in on a little art project for your wedding.  Don’t worry it only involves the following things…

  • A large frame with thick card board backing (I suggest trying to find frames on same at an art and crafts store.
  • Fabric in a color or pattern that reflects your wedding style/scheme; it needs to be large enough to cover the card board backing
  • Spray adhesive
  • You monogram as a decal

Cover the card board backing with a piece of your fabric.  I would suggest ironing the fabric first and using spray adhesive to make it stick to the card board.  Apply the decal to the fabric or directly on the glass of the frame set.  Make sure that you apply it to the outside of the glass or else it will turn your monogram upside down.  In the end you will have a customized piece that is large enough to be apart of your ceremony and/or your reception decor.  You could also apply the decals onto mirrors and display them at your reception.  The nice thing is that you can bring home your artwork and use it in another space in your house!  Woo-hoo a large art piece from your wedding!

Here are a few Etsy shops with Monogram Decals:

So I know that monogrammed shoes could be totally tacky, but hear me out.  If you are getting married in the spring/summer or on a fabulous beach somewhere, these shoes would be fabulous for you.  They are super cute and comfy, and you can wear them for years to come.  Plus they can be the first item of clothing that you wear with your new initials!  They are from Jack Rogers.  I know that they are a little pricey, but if you can wear them for more than just your wedding day, they are totally worth it.

Woo-hoo!  I ❤ monogram week.  I would put my monogram on everything in the house if my husband would let me (darn his sensibility…just kidding).  Today’s post is more places for your monogram to be used at your wedding!

I saw the pictures from this wedding on Style Me Pretty (amazing blog…check it out).  The monogram is simple but so classic.  It could be used in their home for years to come.  Love it!  Pictures by Joe Latter Photography.

Starting simple – this shows how the monogram can be incorporated into all of the paper goods (think invitation, response and reception cards, programs, place cards, menus, table markers, and thank you cards).  The consistency from the invitation through the thank you card shows a lot of thought and sets the stage for all of your other planning.

The Cake is a great place to incorporate your monogram.  A simple monogram, like the one above, looks fabulous, and a more detailed monogram would be even more of an opportunity to make a simple cake stand out.  This might also be a good opportunity for you to incorporate some color into your cake.  The monogram on my cake was green (I know…shocker!  I had green on my wedding cake).

The last one is one of my favorites!  The couple had their monogram placed on their dance floor.  I know.  A.MAZ.ING!  This can be done the expensive way with a specialty dance floor or the much less expensive way with lighting (create a specialty gobo) or by creating a specialized decal that can be placed on the dance floor.

Any questions?  Leave a comment or send me an email!  If you are in the market for a  monogram, I have a few people that might be able to help.  Just let me know!

This monogram is super simple.  It is just the first letter of the Bride and Groom’s last name.  The nice thing about such a simple design is that is can be used in any color or on top of any pattern and still work.

This image is from The Knot.  If you are a bride and do not yet have a membership to The Knot, sign up today!  It is a phenomenal resource that every bride needs to use no matter what your budget may be.

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