When I was looking through the new Vera Wang dress collection for David’s Bridal, I couldn’t help but notice the fabulous accessories available as well.  Here are a few of them that I thought you might like:

Crystal Headband: $98

Crystal Comb: $128

Floral Sash: $78

Crystal Sash: $148

Satin Pump: $58

Glitter Peep Toe: $78

Overall, I found the accessories from White by Vera Wang to be very current and somewhat reasonably priced (other than the hair accessories).  The biggest problem is the number of options is very limited and leaves me feeling like every bride will be choosing the same things.  Hopefully, as time goes on, the accessory line will grow and become a little more unique.  Happy Thursday!


Hair Jewelry and veils have changed a lot over the last 10 years and have made giant leaps and bounds since the ’80s (thank goodness)!  Today brides have tons of hair style, veil, and hair-bling choices.  You can pick things that go with the theme of your wedding or that match your personal style.

In the past, hair jewelry has often been referred to as a headpiece, but that word makes me think of this…

pic from here

and this…

Pic from here.

I was a synchronized swimmer in college and the word headpiece conjures up terrible memories of both putting atrocities like this in my hair and, even worse, taking them out of my hair.

Now that I have frightened myself from ever using that word again…here are some fabulous present day options to spice up your wedding day ‘do.

Super cute birdcage and garden veils from Sara Gabriel Veiling.  LOVE THEM!

Sophisticated and timeless rhinestone hair comb from Etsy.

Simple & sweet Swarovski Crystal headband from Nordstrom.

A little more daring hair pin with traditional and funky elements from Etsy.

Simple flower for a spring or summer wedding from Etsy.

A more elaborate headband would be gorgeous with a simple hair style.  From Etsy.