Flower Girls

I ❤ fall!  It is comfortably cool, has wonderful scents and tastes associated with it, and has a gorgeous color scheme.  If you are planning a fall wedding for next year, here are some fabulous, slightly untraditional colors that you should consider: eggplant and goldenrod.  They could be beautifully combined with reds and oranges to bring out the entire fall palate. I also just adore this flower girls dress from Watters & Watters.  It is not too grown up, but plays into the fun fabric flower trend that is so popular in adult clothing.

Combine one of these sweet dresses with this pomander = Gorgeous!

Flower Image from Mackensley Designs.


My sweet niece, Grace, was in town this weekend.  She is so incredibly cute and fun and is growing up much faster than I would like!  I wish she and her momma and daddy (and my parents) lived closer to us.   I realized this week that Grace is now at the magic age (3.5) where she could be a fabulous flower girl.  Plus her sweet little personality would be amazing in the role.  While this is a fun realization, it also makes me a little sad.  My baby niece is growing up.  😦

In Grace’s honor, I wanted to put up a fun flower girl dress.   I love the flowers on the side and the criss-cross apple sauce back.  Plus it comes in this fun blue and this festive floral.  It is from Crewcuts (oh how I love J.Crew for little people).


Happy Wednesday!  This is one of the craziest weeks of all time, so this post is going to be short and sweet.

How cute would this be for a flower girl dress?  Guess what…it is only $19.99 at Macy’s right now!  Fab-u-lous!

Last week I posted a fairly new color scheme inspiration board that is becoming fairly popular in homes and weddings alike: gray and yellow.  It truly has a modern feel and flair without being too edge-y, if you know what I mean.

Today, I’d like to take a look at another color palette also featuring the color gray to show what a difference one color can make.  Substituting the bright yellow for a pink hue changes the look from modern to romantic and from playful to soft.  What do you think?

Here are the links to where I found the images:

3 pics with peonies and candles; bridal party with umbrellas, long table with gray runner, and groom in vest; shoes (upper right corner); white cake; gray cake; drink with striped straw; gray suits with pink ties, flower girl & ring bearer, wedding dress with gray ribbon, gray table with pink sash, pink hydrangea invite, monogram

Can I just start by saying this weather is crazy!  I have been wearing my jacket all morning inside of my office.  Ridiculous-ness!

Now that I have shared this information with you, I can move on.  I have a new found love of gray color schemes.  I know that it sounds dull and boring, but gray acts like any other neutral mixed with a vivid color.  Today I am focusing on gray and yellow.  Gray provides a stunning backdrop for bright yellow.  Take a look at this inspiration board that I created!

Here are the places that I found all of these images: candy bar; balloons & bridesmaid dresses; groom’s suit; invitation; lemon centerpieces; guys’ shoes, lanterns, cupcakes, and photo booth; gray table cloth & yellow napkins; pinwheel place cards; yellow pomander; bridesmaid bouquet (bottom left); flower girl dress; boutonniere; and the flower arrangement (bottom right).

Happy Tuesday!

What little  girl wouldn’t love to play the part of a ballerina and a flower girl at the same time.  This sweet outfit would be perfect for a little girl who loves to play dress up or better yet, who takes ballet lessons already.  She certainly will not be shy at the reception on the dance floor!

From Julie Williams Photography via Style Me Pretty.

The ballerina flower girl is also an economical option!  Together, all of the pieces below cost under $50!

I am so glad that it is finally Friday!  The winter grind is starting to get to me…or maybe it is the pesky feeling that I have in my throat.  Any-hoo…it is time for Flower Friday!  Nothing like a little flower talk to make the day better!

Since I just posted on flower girl dresses, maybe this would be a good time to post on flowers for the flower girl.  As much as a I love munchkin members of every bridal party, things can go wrong with kiddos.  If they are too young or too shy, they may choose to not walk down the aisle at all.  If they are a little too rambunctious, they may choose to run down the aisle screaming.  Awesome.  I am not trying to scare you, but I am giving you fair warning.  My suggestion, pick kids that you know and love that are old enough and mature enough to handle being a member of your bridal party.  My flower girl was 5 and did an amazing job!  Super cute and perfectly behaved!

Also, keep it simple!  I can not stress this enough.  Kids have more than enough to worry about just making it down the aisle.  Don’t add in the extra stress of throwing flower petals.  I know.  I know.  I am no fun.  Sorry!  Just think about it. [Side story – one of my bridesmaids was a flower girl when she was 7.  As she walked down the aisle, she tripped and fell flat on her face.  That is the worst.  I wasn’t kidding when I said that flower girls have more than enough to worry about just getting down the aisle.]

Ok…back to flowers.  I think pomanders are super cute for little girls to carry!  They can be made any size and don’t involve any throwing action.  🙂  Your florist can make them using all different flowers.  If you are on a budget, you can make a paper pomander for the wee one to carry.

Here are a few options:

This is my cutie-patootie flower girl carrying a button mum and garden rose pomander.  Pink and green of course.

These girls are carrying gorgeous orchid and ribbon pomanders.  I love the way that the ribbon is folded over between the flowers.  Photo from Fancy Pants Weddings.

I know that there are not any cute little ones carrying these pomanders, but I think that they would be the perfect.  They are made from tissue paper!  It is hard to believe, but they only cost $5-7.50 per pomander.  They do, however, require time and little bit of creativity.  Photos from Ruffled Blog.  You can learn how to make them there as well.


I hope this helps!  Happy Friday!

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