Today is my last day at my old job, but it is going to be pure insanity because it is the day when all the new students arrive on campus.  I am pre-writing this post since I know I will not have any time to post on the 17th.  Tomorrow will be my first day at my new job…drinking from the fire hose before being thrown to the wolves next week.  YAY!  I am really excited but really nervous.  PRAY!

So…Dressy Wednesday:

David’s Bridal recently started selling a new dress line, White by Vera Wang.  I was intrigued because Vera Wang is such a prominent and upscale name in the bridal industry, so I took a little stroll through the online “aisles” of the new collection.  Here is what I found:

Dress 1:

I love the pleated taffeta layers!  They are on point with some of the current bridal style trends.  This dress is $1000.  I know that it sounds like a lot, but it really is a great deal in the bridal world.

Dress 2:

This organza flange skirt dress comes in a stunning blush tone (or ivory for the more traditional types).  I love the flattering gathers of the fitted bodice in contrast with the free flowing layers in the skirt of the dress.  (You know that I love a pink dress!)  This dress retails for $1200.

Dress 3:

This dress is the more structured and one shouldered version of dress 2.  It love the fitted satin bodice in contrast with the texture, layers and flow of the organza skirt.  It would be fab with a sash!  It is also $1200.

Dress 4:

The dreamy ballgown!  Love the sweet-heart neckline and simplicity.  Only $800!

Dress 5:

I adore the contrast between the ethereal tulle skirt and the traditional lace bodice.  So romantic.  Retails for $1200.

Overall the general consensus on White by Vera Wang is stylish and luxurious with a reasonable price tag.  I really love the line.  I hope to tackle some of the other products she is offering at David’s Bridal later this week.

Happy Wednesday!



Happy Wednesday!  Is it just me, or does it feel like Thursday?

Before I get to the dress of the day, I feel like it is important to note that last week I found out that one of my college professors reads my blog every now and again.  Julie is one of the sweetest (and most intelligent) people on the planet, but now I am nervous.  I know that this will wear off in .2 seconds, but still, I am nervous for this week.  I feel like I should be writing in very complete and correct sentences.

Oh well! On to the topic of the day: DRESSES!  I am sort of enamored by the dress of the day.  It is different enough to stand out, but it is not weird.  It is dressy enough for a wedding, but if you put straps on it and a suit jacket over it, it would be appropriate for work .  It looks like it belongs on the racks of J. Crew or Anthropologie, but instead, it is on Etsy and is only $125 per dress.  To top it all off, this dress is custom.  You can pick the fabric colors (2 different or both the same) and the length for each dress.  The vendor takes the bridesmaids measurements and makes the dress to fit them.  Did I mention that it is only $125?  The Etsy store is called Nostalgia.  Check it out!

Photography by Edyta Szyszlo Photography and images from Style Me Pretty.

I can not begin to tell you how thankful I am that it is Friday.  I am so stinking tired.  Ready for a pseudo-restful weekend of listening to my hubs speak at a conference and preach at church on Sunday.

Can we talk about how lovely these colors are together and how much I love these monograms and pomanders?  What perfect spring or summer decor!  To add to the gorgeous yellow, orange and lime flowers, a bride could also bring in tons of lemons, oranges and limes as stunning (and cost effective) decor!  LOVE it!

All pics from Mulberry Photography via Style Me Pretty.

We had a wonderful week in Asheville, NC at camp with the middle and high school students from our church.  We work with a fabulous group of students that never cease to amaze me.  They are crazy and fun and love Jesus with such a unique perspective.  Love it.  The mountains were beautiful and much cooler than home.  We woke up to weather in the low to mid 60’s and it did not get above 90 during the day.  Can you say awesome sauce?

The problem is that all the adults have to come home and go back to work.  Day 2 of work this week…I am so tired that I don’t know what to do with myself.  Apparently, I am not a teenager anymore (even though I passed as one on a few occasions last week).

Can I tell you about a few silly things from camp?

1. I learned that I am not good with kids who are throwing up.  I have the deepest compassion and sympathy for them, but I can not be in the same room with puke.  I know, I know…I need to grow up.  I just wanted to share.

2. I hate it when my husband decides to shave his beard in weird patterns to entertain our students (See below).  On my anniversary, my husbands face was ridiculous.  😦

3. Sometimes grown women need to have sleepovers with their female friends.  It makes them laugh a lot and act like teenagers (much to the chagrin of actual teenagers).  Thanks Mel and Anna!

4. I heart when people play with my hair.  It makes me feel like a small child.

5. Cafeteria food is dirty.  It is not ok when chicken at dinner and cinnamon apples at breakfast have the same taste.

On to dressy Wednesday!  I heart summer and dresses.  I wore a dress to an amusement park on Saturday.  I know that I am weird, but at least I am weird and comfortable and cute all at the same time.  I actually just bought this dress from Target 1.5 weeks ago.  It is super comfy and light weight but tres cute.  Also…it is only 20 buckaroos.  WINNING!  It would be appropriate for a wedding or just a girls day out.  I paired it with a long-ish gray, v-neck cardigan (JCrew), silver rose flippy-floppies (also JCrew), and pearls (courtesy of my Daddy).



It has become pretty popular, in the wedding world, for a bride and groom to serve cake and a number of other desserts.  Don’t get me wrong; I am ALL for this!  I love sweets so very much.  I could eat them all the time.  If you love sweets but don’t want to stray from cake on your big day, a cake buffet might be right up your alley.

Use different cake stands of varying heights and shapes (you can get them from your family and friends or hit up your local thrift stores). The wedding pictured below had mini cupcakes and eight 10’’ cakes in all different flavors (Mexican Hot Chocolate, Orange Creamsicle and Heath Bar Crunch to name a few).  If you are on a tight budget, you could enlist your family and friends to bake their favorite concoctions and bring everyone together the day before the wedding to decorate them in the same colors and designs.

Photos from Cynthia Brown Studio via Style Me Pretty.

PS – Aren’t these colors dreamy? They remind me of Steel Magnolias.  Also, I have to learn how to make the icing ruffles for my cakes.  They are so stinking cute.


Yesterday morning we celebrated the class of 2011 high school and college students at our church.  Since my husband and I work with the student ministry at our church, we know the high school students well and were incredibly excited to celebrate them (and their fab families) at our grad luncheon after the service.

Mark put me in charge of decor and set-up (he knows me so well), but we were on a pretty tight budget.  Thinking through our budget and the amount of time that I had to devote, I went with an old but good theme: Oh, the Places You’ll Go!.  My friend Mandy, made a  fabulous cake to go with the theme!  She is so talented!  Thanks again Mandy!

Here are the items that went into the set-up:

  • 12 black table cloths from Dollar Tree
  • 2 copies of Oh, the Places You’ll Go! from my own High School Graduation
  • Left-over pink, green, yellow, orange, and purple balloons and balloon weights (from past youth events)
  • 1 roll of light yellow wrapping paper from Dollar Tree
  • 2 25 packs of colored paper from Micheal’s
  • 5 packs of light yellow napkins from Dollar Tree
  • 5 packs of multi-colored tissue paper from Dollar Tree
  • 1 pack of polka dot mini cupcake holders
  • 3 packages of M&Ms

Price of all supplies for luncheon decor: $35

Congrats Class of 2011!  We love you!

I ❤ today!  I am having an awesome day.

  • My puppy snuggled with me this morning and it was fabulous.  Her sweet little face is wonderful way to start my morning.
  • I am working on plans for our graduation luncheon on Sunday – Oh the Places you’ll go theme!  My fabulous friend Mandy will be making the cake and it is going to be soooo cute!  Thanks for being so wonderful and talented Mandy!
  • I got a fabulous phone call that I will share more about later.
  • I get to see my hubs today!  He is taking a class this week and was gone last night.  I really miss him when he is gone!
  • I got a huge box in my office full of over 200 pairs of sunglasses in 7 colors (Light blue, purple, hot pink, green, lime, orange, and red) for our Summer Orientation.  Get this, they were only $2.50 each.  I think that they would be an awesome wedding favor! (From 4imprint.com)
  • AND…it’s dressy Wednesday!  I ADORE THIS DRESS!  Seriously so cute.  It is by the same Etsy designer from last week: Amanda Archer.  It is only $289 and would be a perfect casual/beach wedding dress (or a second dress for your reception).  Thoughts?

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