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I ❤ fall!  It is comfortably cool, has wonderful scents and tastes associated with it, and has a gorgeous color scheme.  If you are planning a fall wedding for next year, here are some fabulous, slightly untraditional colors that you should consider: eggplant and goldenrod.  They could be beautifully combined with reds and oranges to bring out the entire fall palate. I also just adore this flower girls dress from Watters & Watters.  It is not too grown up, but plays into the fun fabric flower trend that is so popular in adult clothing.

Combine one of these sweet dresses with this pomander = Gorgeous!

Flower Image from Mackensley Designs.


My sweet niece, Grace, was in town this weekend.  She is so incredibly cute and fun and is growing up much faster than I would like!  I wish she and her momma and daddy (and my parents) lived closer to us.   I realized this week that Grace is now at the magic age (3.5) where she could be a fabulous flower girl.  Plus her sweet little personality would be amazing in the role.  While this is a fun realization, it also makes me a little sad.  My baby niece is growing up.  😦

In Grace’s honor, I wanted to put up a fun flower girl dress.   I love the flowers on the side and the criss-cross apple sauce back.  Plus it comes in this fun blue and this festive floral.  It is from Crewcuts (oh how I love J.Crew for little people).


Another crazy week!  Event 1 is done, but now we are prepping for event 2!  Good gravy, is it Friday yet?

Do you remember when I posted the soft pink and gray inspiration board in April? Wouldn’t this dress from Macy’s be adorable with that kind of color scheme?  It would also be a great dress to wear to a bridal shower or wedding (or out to dinner)!  🙂  I love it with the soft pink bouquet.


A sweet friend of mine is getting married, and she is trying to figure out her color scheme.  She knows she wants the classic red flowers, but she is open to other accent colors.  One of my favorite color combos is Tiffany blue and red.  It is a modern take on the gorgeous red flowers that everyone enjoys.  I<3 Tiffany blue!  It makes me think of those fabulous little boxes and the stunning things that are inside those boxes (my hubby spoils me).  🙂

Here is the inspiration board that I came up with:

Red roses and blue bird flowers, blue dresses and red balloons, red carnations, 3 piece centerpiece, red and blue table-scape, red peep toe, invitation, ballroom set-up, cake, candy station, red soda, blue candy, red dress

Today, I had to take 2 trips to Sam’s Club to get all of the supplies that I need for my next big campus event.  CRAZINESS!  So thankful for my new car and my student worker, Destiny, who was such a trooper with her crazy boss.  $700 later, my office is a little more chaotic, but at least it is organized chaos.  I keep telling myself this so that I don’t go crazy.  🙂

On to the more important item of the day…Flowers.  I heart these so very much.  Pink and garden-y=love.  What do you think?

Photography by The Nickols via Style Me Pretty.

Also, please notice the lovely bridesmaids’ gowns from J.Crew that I posted about here.  I would love to wear this dress in a wedding!

Hello my wonderful blog readers!  I am so sorry that I have not posted yet this week.  I was hoping to on Monday or yesterday, but I had to get a tooth extracted.  They gave me some crazy pain-killers that knocked me out all of Monday evening and made me feel like crud most of Tuesday.  Then my power went out during a crazy storm that rolled through our area.  We went to the in-law’s house (who had power…yay!) last night, but I forgot to bring my computer.  Fail.  Sorry.

Any who, my mouth is still hurting but I refuse to take anything but ibuprofen.  My husband thinks that I am stubborn, but me and prescribed medicine are in a fight and I am going to win.

Who’s ready for the long weekend?  I AM!  I am hoping to have a patriotic wedding board up by Friday.  I heart summer and memorial day and picnics and cookouts and my pool opening.  ❤

Ok, so I did a little Etsy searching today and found this little gem by Amanda Archer…

Love it!!  It comes in all sorts of colors, but I am loving the navy for summer.  Paired with white flowers, red ribbon, and some cute wedge sandals like these from DSW:

Perfect for attending a wedding or for your bridesmaids!

PS – Happy 27th Birthday to my wonderful friend (and Maid of Honor) of 23 years, Sarah!  Love and miss you so very much!  Wish I could take you out for lunch and pedicures to celebrate today!  So thankful for you and our talk this early this morning.  Hope you enjoyed the awesome message that I left you. 🙂

This week has been filled with perfect weather and a super productive cleaning spree.  I walked into my house yesterday after a trip to the local wholesale club and could smell the clean new house smell.  YUM!  I guess I am just a late bloomer when it comes to spring cleaning.  The only things left to tackle at home are my bathroom (I dread cleaning it for some reason) and our garage (BOOOO!).  The garage is going to require that we purchase more shelves for the ginormous amount of vases that I want to store, so I guess it will have to wait until this weekend.  (PS – we also seriously cleaned my office yesterday, and it looks and feels

On an entirely different note, I have been contacted by 2 brides for day of coordination for their weddings this fall!  That thrills my heart more than you know.  Also, they are in some pretty fab locations…Williamsburg and Norfolk Botanical Gardens!  🙂

Ok…on to today’s dress picks.  Aren’t these just gorgeous?  The dress is by Aqua Closet at Bloomingdales and comes in royal blue and black. They would be super comfortable, so easy to cut off and wear again, and would look great on so many different body types.  (It would also be a great dress for prom…although I may be too old to make this call.  I know my high school girls from church sometimes read my blog.  Maybe they can weigh-in in the comments section.)

As an added bonus, this dress also comes in white for a bride on a low budget looking for a beautiful gown!  A wedding dress for $250…Woohoo!  Now that is a great deal!

Happy Wednesday!  Hope you have a wonderful day!

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