My Mam-Maw (my mom’s mom) used to make the best apple jelly!  Even now, it makes me think of her warm and amazing home made biscuits with the jelly on them.  YUM!   As I was thinking about fun fall favors that are DIY, this yummy jelly came to mind.  Do you have a favorite jelly or jam?  While they are slightly time consuming to make, so are most other DIY favors!  Go for it!  I love to make Cran-Strawberry jam each Christmas to give as gifts and I find it to be really fun!

Here are a few ways to make them your own:

I love the Spread the Love labels with the red gingham topper tied off with a little rope.  From here.

I love the color of the peaches and cream jam!  From here.

I love the little attached spoons!  So cute!  From here.