Life is nutso!  So, I have class on Tuesday nights from 4:30 to 9:45 and don’t get home until 10:45.  Clearly, this makes me tired and slightly grumpy on Tuesdays and even more so on Wednesdays.  I am hoping to find a way to take a nap in my car or in a quiet spot in my building on Wednesdays.  I used to take a lot of naps when I worked for Duke.  I would walk out to my car (parked in a garage), let down my seat, set my phone alarm and nap away.  The key was to wake up in enough time to make sure that the awkward sleep lines on my face had plenty of time to fade before walking back into the office.  Have you ever done this?  If so, please make me feel better about it.  I feel like I am the only one who has the issue and I don’t think it is appropriate to nap under my desk.

I am sorry that we have missed a few dressy Wednesdays over the last few weeks.  I am hoping to prep them in advance for you!

Here goes:  This dress is from JLM Couture (Jim Heljm).  I love the lines of this dress.  From far away, it has a romantic simplicity, but from close up you can see the modern touches and flair that make it unique.

Hope your Wednesday is a little more calm and relaxed than mine!