Just wanted to give you all a quick update form last week’s post.

  • This is post 101!
  • I am super excited about my new full-time position in which I will be working at one of my favorite places on the planet and will be able to continue planning events!  YAY!
  • I am now wisdom(tooth)-less.  Everything went really smoothly even with the hubs out of town.  The remaining 3 wisdom teeth were out in about 18 minutes and my mother-in-law and wonderful friend Mandy took great care of me.  I am still a little sore but that sort of comes with the territory.
  • I now heart Chick-fil-a milkshakes.  Thanks Mandy!  Knowing how many calories are in them…I am going to have to wait until next summer to get another one.  🙂
  • Mark is home!  YAY!  I do miss him when he is gone.  Plus, he did a an awesome job on his sermon yesterday.  Listen here: http://vimeo.com/nrbc
  • I finished one of my painting projects (my garage entry).  Now I just need to finish up the other 2.
  • I went tax free shopping on Saturday.  Yep…48 hours post surgery, I was shopping.  I couldn’t pass up the deals available on tax-free weekend.  (I was super worn-out after a couple of hours, so we had to head home.)

I am sure that there is something that I am missing, but I wanted this to be quick.  Thanks for the prayers and concern!  Hope you all have a happy Monday!