This has been one of the craziest weeks of my life.  The hubs preached on Sunday and is in class all week; I got a new job and had to be finger-printed for it; and I went to the dentist and found out that I have to have my 3 remaining wisdom teeth removed tomorrow.  Good gravy.  I am overwhelmed and tired.  Thankfully, having my wisdom teeth taken out means that I am being forced to be calm and rest for 2 or 3  days.

Any-who…I have been trying to come up with something clever to post for my 100th blog post, but I haven’t come up with anything because my brain is mush.  Therefore, it will be a lovely dressy Wednesday.  Today’s dresses are less pointed at specific designers and more pointed at a bridesmaid dress concept.  I love it when a bride allows her bridesmaids to choose dresses that reflect their personality.  I do think that there should be some ground rules in this area.

1. Pick a length – have your bridesmaids in long or short, not a mix.  It gives a  cohesive look.

2. Pick a fabric type – while there are exceptions to this rule, it is good to go with dresses of similar sheen (so that one girl doesn’t stand out among the rest).

3. Pick a color family or have them be various different colors – for instance, tell the girls to pick a green dress of any shade or give each of them a color and tell them to choose the shade.

4. Bride must approve! This one is important because it gives the bride the ability to say no to a dress that is inappropriate or just doesn’t fit her design scheme.

Have fun!

Here are a few examples (read the notes below them):

Photography by Leah via Style Me Pretty

I love the color scheme and the variety of dresses.  I wish that they were all one length.  The poor girl in the short dress looks too casual and out of place.

Grazier Photography via Style Me Pretty

All of these dresses are from J.Crew’s chiffon bridesmaid collection.  Love the different styles.  They are all the same length and the same color.