Happy Wednesday!  Is it just me, or does it feel like Thursday?

Before I get to the dress of the day, I feel like it is important to note that last week I found out that one of my college professors reads my blog every now and again.  Julie is one of the sweetest (and most intelligent) people on the planet, but now I am nervous.  I know that this will wear off in .2 seconds, but still, I am nervous for this week.  I feel like I should be writing in very complete and correct sentences.

Oh well! On to the topic of the day: DRESSES!  I am sort of enamored by the dress of the day.  It is different enough to stand out, but it is not weird.  It is dressy enough for a wedding, but if you put straps on it and a suit jacket over it, it would be appropriate for work .  It looks like it belongs on the racks of J. Crew or Anthropologie, but instead, it is on Etsy and is only $125 per dress.  To top it all off, this dress is custom.  You can pick the fabric colors (2 different or both the same) and the length for each dress.  The vendor takes the bridesmaids measurements and makes the dress to fit them.  Did I mention that it is only $125?  The Etsy store is called Nostalgia.  Check it out!

Photography by Edyta Szyszlo Photography and images from Style Me Pretty.