When I was three years old, my mom, dad, big brother, and I moved from Florida to Pennsylvania because of the military.  When the moving trucks arrived in PA with all of our stuff, the only people to receive them were my momma and me.  Clearly, I was not as helpful at 3 as I would be now, so my mom was a little stressed.  As she was setting up one of our upstairs rooms (with her three year old following her every move), she noticed a woman looking at our house from the side-walk with her 2.5 year old little blond girl in tow.  Mom grabbed me and my coat and ran down stairs and out the front door.  After talking for a few minutes, the woman (Ms. Liz) offered to take me to play group and make me some lunch.

That day began a friendship for my mom and I that has lasted for the past 23.5 year.  Christina and I played together almost everyday for 5 years (before they moved to the Bahamas and then to Florida).  I gave her the chicken pox (it was our moms’ idea), I had my first sleepover at her house and her family introduced me to bagels (YUM).  Being a military transplant to PA, we did not have any of our own family close by, so they became our family.  One of my fondest memories of my time with Christina was our time playing dress up!  We wore all sorts of ridiculous things, but we especially loved to be brides.

Why am I telling you this story?  Well, this week my dear and oldest friend got engaged!  Now, it is not going to be dress up!  It is the real thing.  I know that she will be a beautiful bride, and I am so excited for her and Matt!  Love you Christina!

And let the photo montage begin…

Further evidence that we played dress-up a lot!

Easter…I was always a giant apparently.

My brother and my mom’s early ’90s hair are super excited to be featured in this blog post.  This is when Christina’s wild and crazy little sister came on the scene.  🙂

This is thoroughly embarrassing for both of us, but wasn’t she the cutest bumble bee you have ever seen!

Trip to the shore with all the sisters!

We gave our bridal party Virginia is for Lovers t-shirts at our Rehearsal Dinner.  We all put them on immediately, of course.  These are our fun and fabulous mommas.  Please don’t mind the fact that we have all been crying as well (happy tears).

My gorgeous bridesmaids.  Christina is top right.  ❤

Dancing the night away on my big day with the 2 women that I have been privileged to call my friends the longest!  Love you girls!  Please take note of my husband’s ridiculousness in the background…wowzers!