Have you ever noticed that a lot of wedding dress designers have 1 or 2 weird/scary dresses in their collections?  As I was looking through dresses today, I came across 2 that genuinely scared me.  Why would anyone want to look like Cruela DeVil on their wedding day?  The only thing that would make these worse is if they had black and white polka dotted bridesmaid dresses.

There is way too much fabric going on in both of these!  Can you imagine seeing a bride walk down the aisle in the first dress?

Within the same collection, I found this adorable little dress that makes me smile.  It is flirty, fun and has  a little bit of a retro vibe.

How is it possible that these 3 dresses could come from the same collection?!?

All dresses are from Priscilla of Boston‘s Vineyard Collection.

(Side note, the other dresses from the collection are fab!)