Apparently my incoherent ramblings yesterday about my crazy little neighbor child who jumps on my head when I am swimming made my mom laugh.  One point for Whitney!

Can I just say that I am sooooo glad that it is Thursday.  The hubs is headed to NC today for class (he is in a PhD program).  He worked until the wee hours of this morning (4:30 am-ish) on finishing up his 35 page paper and his 2+ hour presentation.  There are two things about this that make me happy.  #1 – He is finished with that craziness and can hang out with me again!  (I know we are married adults, but we like to hang out with each other…whatevs!)  #2 – I am so thankful that I am not in his PhD “shoes”…my whole head of hair would either be gone or would be entirely white (remind me to tell you about my white hair sometime).  I think that we should celebrate by going out for Cinco de Mayo…yummy Mexican food here we come!

Thursday also means that I am one day closer to my big event!  Woohoo!  Today, I will be picking up flowers and working on 15 flower arrangements for the big event!  🙂  If I remember, I will take a picture of them to post on the blog.  That is a big if…

On to more important things…these pictures!  I have 2 things that I would like to discuss.

#1 Don’t you love the beauty of the landscape in conjunction with the rustic cross?  LOVE IT.  Personally, I am not a huge fan of the white wedding arch that is often used in outdoor weddings.  Some are better than others, but typically they just look too small and sort of cheesy.  This is new and different.  (I also love that when you boil it down it is just the couple and the cross…so fitting.)

#2 On an entirely different note, there are entirely too many people in this bridal party.  9 bridesmaids and 12 groomsmen!  That is nuts.  The only way that the photographer can fit all of them in the picture is to stand so far back that it makes them look like ants (which makes me think of this).  I know that there are always lots of people that you want to include in your big day, but the more you have, the harder they are to please and the more money it will cost you in the long run.

Images from Style Me Pretty