I am totally enamored with the Royal Wedding coverage today.  Kate looks a.maz.ing.  Seriously.  I know that her dress is not typical of American bridal style, but it is incredibly elegant and so appropriate for the occasion, the formality of the event and the venue.  She looks fabulous in every way.  I am so thankful for her sake that she is not carrying around a crazy long train.  Don’t get me wrong, 8 feet of train is a lot of dress, but it is nothing in comparison to Princess Diana’s 25 foot train.  The lace on the top half of the gown is stunning and seems to fit with the traditional inspiration of this modern gown.  I am also glad that her tiara and veil are so simple and tasteful.  They just add to her beauty and show off her gown!  She seems to have put a lot of thought and her personal style into this gown.  I am so thankful that little girls all over the world are watching this modern day fairy tale.  Kate’s style is a fabulous one to emulate!

Did you listen to the words of their ceremony?  It had some really fabulous aspects to it.  I loved the reading of Romans 12 by Kate’s brother.  I also loved the discussion of marriage in comparison to Christ and His church…such a beautiful and challenging image.  I am pretty sure that about 1 billion people heard the Gospel today.  Awesome sauce.

What did you think of everything today?  Any other fashion that you want to discuss from this incredible event?

I want to discuss Kate’s sister’s gown.  So gorgeous.  LOVE IT.  The sisters look so much alike.

All photos from CBS News.