I just realized that I have not posted any ball gowns on this blog, yet.  Ugh…epic fail on my part.  Currently, the hot trend in bridal is mermaid or fit and flare dresses, but I have a deep love for ball gowns.  It is truly one of the only times in a woman’s life where she can get away with wearing a princess dress and acting like a princess.  🙂 Work it!

You should probably take all of this information with a grain of salt since I wore princess gowns for my junior and senior proms as well as my wedding day.  Also…I am a giant.  I am 5’10” flat-footed, so I can handle a lot of dress.  It is possible to wear a princess gown if you are short.  One of my closest friends is 5’2″ and wore 4 inch heels ALL of her wedding day.  She has feet of steel!  All this to say that if you desire to wear a ball gown on your big day, you just have to think about proportion.  A shorter woman may want to wear a dress with a natural waist and high heels to lengthen her leg line, while a taller woman can get away with a dropped waist and flats (like me).  Remind me to tell you about my fabulous wedding shoes one of these days.

So…what better designer to showcase ball gowns than the one that I wore on my wedding day!  Judd Waddell really achieves a beautifully classic yet current appeal with his gowns.  They are much less likely to go out of style than a lot of contemporary designers.  He uses beautiful fabrics and materials in his designs…quality you can see up close and from a distance.  What do you think?

The wrap detail across the bodice of the gown is great for any body type and the fullness of the gown is not overwhelming!  Gorgeous!

This dress incorporates the beauty of classic lace and the sweetheart neckline with the current style of a beaded belt.  The dropped waist would be stunning on all my tall friends out there.

Sometimes I wonder what in the world a stylist is thinking when they do a wedding photo shoot.  Just ignore the giant flower in her hair and take in the beauty of this gown: dropped waist, traditional lace but in nontraditional locations.  The lace at the bust emphasizes her narrow waist and the lace int he box pleats is an unexpected surprise. I have a little bit of a love for this gown, but considering that I wore it on my wedding day, I think that I am being fairly understated.  🙂