Happy Friday!  I seriously can’t tell you how glad I am that it is Friday.  For some reason, this week has worn me out.  Also, today I read through my Google Reader (one of the best inventions EVER)  and ended up crying (happy and sad) tears over people’s posts.  If my husband is reading this, he is not surprised.  He and my closest friends know me to be a sympathetic crier.  I cry at happy things (like the Disney World commercials…no, I really do) and sad things.  I also cry at almost every wedding that I attend (whether I know the bride and groom or not).  The only wedding that did not cry at in recent years was my own…it was seriously the happiest day of my life!  I loved every minute of marrying my best friend.  Sorry for the gushy Friday.  I am done now.

Since today is not a crazy, crazy day, I thought it might be good to get back to my thrifty flower series.  See post #1 if you are just joining me.  Another great way to do flowers on a budget (since no flowers is not an option!) is with individual stems.  NO…you may not put one vase in the center of a table with one flower in it.  Think varying heights of vases with ribbons around some of them.  Think varying sizes of flowers (roses vs peonies vs spider mums).  Check out these options:

All images are from The Knot, and from my big brother’s wedding…

Picture taken by me…hence the super quality (insert Whitney longing for a really nice camera so my husband can take amazing pictures of all of my events).

Have a great day!