So sorry for the long weekend hiatus.  Sometimes, Mondays get away from me.  Anyhoo…I thought today might be a good day to feature one of my favorite photographers of all  time.  No, he did not shoot my wedding.  No, he has not taken any pictures of me and the hubby…YET!  I absolutely love Ben’s work.  He is truly one of the most talented photographers that I have ever seen (as his photos will show).  He has such a unique perspective and knack for capturing some of the sweetest moments between a bride and groom. He so beautifully captures color and lighting.  His website is  Here are just a few of the amazing pictures he has taken (check out his website for more!).  [Side note: Please do not settle for your photographer.  These pictures will hang in your home for decades to come.  It is worth spending a little more to have someone as talented as Ben photograph every aspect of your big day.]

These pictures are from 2 sets of friends’ big days!  Both took pictures on the beach, but they are so different from one another.  Love the personality showing through!