Have you seen 27 dresses?  All the scenes where the brides try to justify their ridiculous bridesmaid gown choices make me laugh.  My favorite is the scene with the Indian wedding when the Bride tells the main character that she can shorten her bridesmaid dress and wear it again.  Even though it is a very traditional Indian wrap.  🙂

Fortunately, there are a lot of versatile, wear-it-again gowns available today. The gown featured today is truly one of the most versatile on the market.  It comes in different lengths and different colors and can be worn in 15 different ways.  It is from Two Birds Bridesmaid.  Here are a few different ways to wear it:

Dessy offers a similar dress.  They also offer a bandeau in the same color and fabric that can be worn under the dress (which is totally how I would wear it).

Here is another company that makes a similar dress…very reasonable prices!

Have a great day!

2/24 – Oh my goodness…target has a version of the twist and wear dress too!  I might order one.  It is only $30.  Check it out here.