I know that I seem to be talking a lot about budget lately, but it seems to be something on everyone’s mind.  People tend to think that flowers are a quick and easy way to shed cost, but their ceremony and reception decor severely suffers.  They end up spending all sort of money on the wedding and don’t even like the way it looks.  Over the next couple of Fridays, I will be discussing ways to cut the floral budget down without having to get rid of one of the prettiest aspects of the decor.  The first way would be sunken flowers.  This trend has become fairly popular, but if you have not been to a wedding in the past couple of years, you may be out of the loop. Sunken flowers are a great way to use your favorite blooms in an economical way.  For instance, orchids are one of the most expensive flowers available.  They can be $15+ per stem!  If they are your favorite flower, it is almost impossible to use them without incurring a huge expense.  As you can see below, it only takes 1-2 stems per vase.   In smaller vases, roses, berries, and mini calla lilies are beautiful.  In larger vases, large callas and orchids are gorgeous.  Luckily, these flowers come in great colors!  I love to see sunken flowers with floating candles on top.  Super romantic! All images except the last one are from The Knot.

From my brother and sister-in-laws wedding: I did all the flowers!  🙂