In my office, there are about one hundred people who are pregnant (ok, ok…there are 2 in my office and 4 in my department).  ANYWAY, the two women in my office are my two closest friends at work, so we talk about babies, cravings, nausea, and maternity clothes all.the.time (which is so fun).  One of these lovely ladies is going to be in a wedding when she is 7 months preggo!  After discussing (aka sending each other links) bridesmaid dress options with her, I thought that I would share some of the findings with you.  I went with all black dress options because that is such a fabulous and hot trend right now.  Have you worn any great bridesmaid dresses when you were preggers?  If so, I would love to see them!  Send me the links.

Dress #1 – Olian Maternity Jersey Wrap Dress, $118 at Nordstrom

Dress #2 – Maternal America ‘Blooming’ Knit Dress, $73.90 at Nordstrom

Dress #3Ripe Maternity ‘Deluxe’ Satin Dress, $78.90 at Nordstrom

Stay tuned for the follow-up post for bridesmaids who have recently given birth.  Oh my word…it makes me shudder to think about putting on a bridesmaid dress and posing for pics  post baby (and I am not even pregnant).