I know that this blog is meant for me to focus on weddings and events, but I thought that I could combine my love of events with something else that is so near and dear to my heart: Adoption.  My husband and I have talked a lot about our desire to adopt one day.  Adoption is such a beautiful picture of the Gospel (Galations 4:4-7) in what God did for us by sending Christ to redeem us.  So, you must be wondering what in the world this has to do with Weddings.  Well, I started reading a blog a few weeks ago of a friend of a friend who is in the process of adopting a baby boy from Ethiopia.  She and her hubby are in ministry and were in search of ways to make extra money to go towards their adoption.  She started a small business, called Poppy Lane, selling accessories that are super cute!  I think that they would be great bridesmaid/flower girl/mother gifts and they are really reasonably priced.  Here are a few of the super cute options:

Also, take a look at this video.  If you didn’t have a heart for adoption, you will now.