Today’s topic: Bridesmaid gifts!  I seriously enjoyed buying gifts for my bridal party.  I really tried to pick things that were practical for their role as a bridesmaid and things that represented the hubs and I/our wedding.  In a later post, I will talk about some of the more personal items that we purchased.  Today, I wanted to focus on one of my favorite bridesmaid gifts: totes.  Totes are an essential gift for bridesmaids!  They carry all sorts of crazy things with them to the rehearsal and on the day of the wedding that they would not normal carry.  Everything from extra pairs of shoes (for dancing the night away)  to Tylenol!  I made totes for my bridal party…since I love being crafty and used to sell handmade totes when I was in school.  I still do some sewing and crafting, but I love using etsy for the situations in which I don’t have time.  I found Pamela Posch and her fantastic deal for personalized bridal party totes.  She is selling 8 personalized bags for $90.  That is only $11.25 per bag!!  That is a steal if you ask me.  Check out the designs and all the fabric choices available below.  SOOO CUTE!