Do you know what all of these monograms have in common?

Well…they are all decals from Etsy sellers!  There is so much that you can do with a decal like these, but today I would like to focus in on a little art project for your wedding.  Don’t worry it only involves the following things…

  • A large frame with thick card board backing (I suggest trying to find frames on same at an art and crafts store.
  • Fabric in a color or pattern that reflects your wedding style/scheme; it needs to be large enough to cover the card board backing
  • Spray adhesive
  • You monogram as a decal

Cover the card board backing with a piece of your fabric.  I would suggest ironing the fabric first and using spray adhesive to make it stick to the card board.  Apply the decal to the fabric or directly on the glass of the frame set.  Make sure that you apply it to the outside of the glass or else it will turn your monogram upside down.  In the end you will have a customized piece that is large enough to be apart of your ceremony and/or your reception decor.  You could also apply the decals onto mirrors and display them at your reception.  The nice thing is that you can bring home your artwork and use it in another space in your house!  Woo-hoo a large art piece from your wedding!

Here are a few Etsy shops with Monogram Decals: