So…this may come as a shock to all of you, but I ❤ dresses.  🙂  I wear them almost everyday (don’t worry, I wear pants and shorts to work-out and hang-out).  When I was trying to decide what types of posts would be broadly helpful and appealing to brides/bridesmaids/mothers of the bride/wedding attendees/people like me, I considered having one day fully devoted to bridesmaids or one day fully devoted to bridal gowns, but they seemed a little too specific. Hence, the broad and generic dress day.  You will definitely see bridal gowns and bridesmaid dresses…both the inexpensive and the expensive.  You will also see fun sun dresses and work-wear as well.

We are going to begin with my favorite stores on the planet.  Can you guess what it is?

J.Crew!!! Love them for everything.  Their everyday and work clothing and accessories for women and men are to die for, but that is not my focus today.  Today, I want to focus on their wedding shop.  Unlike traditional bridal gown retailers, at J.Crew you can order your bridesmaid dresses in the store, online or over the phone and have them in a matter of weeks.   You can even get a discount in store if you are a student or work for an educational institution! Can we say WIN!  Today, I want to focus in on this style that I adore…

It is stylish and festive for a wedding, especially for this spring or summer, but it is also perfect for other parties  that you may be attending. Add a black or brown pashmina and an awesome shoe and you are good to go.  Pink is my favorite color, so the first dress that I chose had to be a pink one.  I promise to branch outside of pink and green very soon.  Although, this dress would be adorable with a green peep-toe like this one…

Happy Wednesday!

Dress: $170 by J.Crew –

Shoes: $79 by Caperros on –