One of the most important things to consider when you pick your flowers and decor is the season in which you are getting married.  The Christmas season that we just came out of is a great example!  I know, I know…red and green are not my favorite wedding colors either, but there are some key elements in the Christmas season to use to your advantage!

Garland & Greenery:

Almost all traditional (and some non-traditional) ceremony and reception sites decorate for Christmas.  Use it to our advantage.  Think of greenery as the jeans upon which you build an outfit.  Greenery is neutral which means any color scheme can be applied to it.  Ask your reception site how they decorate for Christmas and if you can change out their ornaments and bows for your own.  You can also pick up greenery for centerpieces from tree farms and places like Home depot for free or for a small fee.  Um…I said free.  Hello!  That’s awesome.


This is a big one for me.  I love decorating my house for Christmas.  One of my favorite decorations is colored glass (or plastic) Christmas balls.  You can get great deals right after Chrismtas!  This goes for bridal showers or baby shower thrown at this time of year (stay tuned for pics of my nieces baby shower that was held in December). I bought beautiful pink glass ornaments from Macys for 75% off the week after Christmas.  Jackpot!  Anyway…use colored Christmas in vases with or without flower arrangements or scatter them on top of greens on tables or put them on your pew bows/Christmas trees/garland/wreaths.  I would recommend choosing one neutral color that will be easy to find like silver, white, or gold.

Christmas Trees:

Christmas trees are a great way to bring in a big decoration for very little cost.  You can get a good sized tree from a grocery store or home improvement store for $30ish.  Add a few strands of lights, some of the ornaments, and  big bow on top and voila…you have beautiful decor.

Christmas Wreaths:

Use them on the doors of your church, reception site, home, ect.  Add a beautiful bow and some ornaments in your color scheme.  Sometimes locations will already have wreaths in place and will let you change out their bow/ornaments for your own.  Awesome and oh so cheap.

And last but not least…


I know, they can be cheesy!  If your wedding colors do not include the color red, don’t forget that poinsettias come in a pretty creamy white and a pink as well.  White would be a great backdrop for most color schemes!  You can ask your church if they would be willing to purchase white poinsettias during the year of your wedding or at least half and half.  Otherwise, you can use them for your rehearsal dinner decor, at the entrance to your reception site, or at your bridal showers as gifts to the hostesses or guests.

I heart Christmas and weddings!  I am dreaming of a champagne and eggplant Christmas wedding with gold and off white accents!


Do you ever combine 2 words to make a new word?  For instance, my husband refuses to call a floor lamp anything other than a “flamp.”  Today, the bouquet of gray and yellow flowers made me want to title this post “Grellow.”

Sorry, my brain is mushy today.source

I think this is such a cute idea!

via Style Me Pretty

So many people avoid using flowers because they think that they are too expensive especially the tall arrangements. SOOOO untrue!  Look at the gorgeous baby’s breath arrangements below.  All they need is a ribbon in one of your wedding colors to make them match your decor.

Max Wagner Photography via Style Me Pretty

Just in case you were wondering, I still ❤ fall.  This dress makes me want to throw on an eggplant colored wrap and fab red  pumps and have a night on the town with my hubby.  Part of the reason why I like this color is because it is not too obnoxious and “orange-y”.  I love the little baby ruffles on the top of the dress in combination with the super simple style.  It really allows the bride to dress it up with fun colors and jewelry.  PS – this dress comes in tons of fun colors…it would be great at any time of the year!

From Watters & Watters.

This invite is super personal and just plain cool.  I ❤ it.  You could achieve a similar look via a fabulous graphic designer (if you need a name, just let me know).

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I am loving this ring.  Pink side stones for a tiny pop of my favorite color = awesome!

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